Our School Uniform

Our school uniform policy has been agreed and supported by all parents. This can be ordered through the school. It consists of a royal blue sweatshirt with school badge, a white shirt and tie, a gold polo-shirt also, dark trousers or skirt (as appropriate) and school shoes. We discourage parents from allowing children to wear football colours to school and expensive designer footwear and this includes bringing a football bag or lunch box.  We also discourage children from wearing anything expensive including jewellery, designer footwear or jackets. 


For health and safety reasons, pupils should wear a T-shirt, PE shorts and gym shoes to PE. We encourage children to wear their house colours in P.E (Ogilvie-red, Ninian-green, Andrew-yellow and Mungo-blue).  All pupils would benefit from having outdoor trainers as they will go outside for PE as often as possible.  Parents should put their child’s name or some identifying mark on all of your child’s belongings.  Children should not wear jewellery to school, especially on a gym day.  This helps prevent accidents in the gym.  If children are wearing jewellery, they will be asked to remove it before lessons.