St. Margaret’s is a great place to be with a welcoming atmosphere that is given to us by our fantastic children and wonderful staff. I sincerely hope that by looking at our website you will want to come and see our school in action!

At St. Margaret’s we aim to help children develop in their journey of faith in a positive learning environment. We believe that our school will make a valuable contribution to their development. It is a caring environment where children develop their many talents. We recognise the importance of educating the ‘whole’ child. Academic excellence for all children is one of our goals but we also try to nurture those special gifts which makes each child unique.

Home/School/Parish links are vital! We value the contribution to school life that parents make and the support offered by our local parish. Together, we ensure that St. Margaret’s remains a very special place.

At St. Margaret’s Cowie we aim to be a truly inclusive school. As a team we actively seek to remove barriers to learning and endeavour to provide learning opportunities that lead to success for all. To ensure that all learners are given equal opportunities to achieve and succeed and are fully involved in all aspects of school life.